A redesigned work environment

Ergonomic, naturally bright, spacious and temperate: our workshops are right up there with the premises of contemporary young companies. Modern and user-friendly open spaces for both design and manufacturing!

Warm-up and relaxation rituals

Each day begins with morning stretching and breathing exercises which bring the whole team together. Each week it is led by a different employee. The goal is to prevent musculoskeletal disorders and to tackle the day with serenity. The well-being of the team is our greatest asset and it needs to be protected.

A family spirit in the team

Above all, we are a big family and so each birthday of the workshop members is listed and is the occasion for a moment of relaxation celebrated by all. Friendliness, sharing and bonding are our way of putting an end to the traditional textile factory and to provide a welcoming working environment for all. It is high time that textile manufacturing activities were restored to their former glory.


Versatility to provide variety

We have chosen the most complex way of working for a manufacturer: job versatility. It is a more expensive way to produce, is more difficult to organise and takes longer to establish. But it provides real satisfaction for all our employees! Everyone benefits from a full 14-month training course covering all the various workstations. During the day, each employee tackles a multitude of different tasks, neatly side-stepping boredom and the physical trauma which repetitive work can induce.

Flexibility for freedom

Because of this versatility and the great expertise of each employee, the workshop is never brought to a halt due to a lack of personnel since everyone knows how to do everything. It means everyone is free to organise their holidays as they see fit, nothing is imposed.

Involvement and sharing

Transversal management: we are convinced that each of our employees has talent and something to contribute to the development of the workshop, so we consult them on projects concerning new creations, collaborations and the development of new lines and/or products. Moreover, it is our trained employees who will train the team members of tomorrow!

Openness for creativity

An inspiration wall and a portfolio open to all, fuelled by the inspirations and ideas of everyone, are two examples of collaborative creativity designed to unleash individual talent and give a voice to everyone.

Time is allocated and workshop materials are made available so that each member of the team can create and produce more personal projects.



Every day we seek to foster diversity in our hiring, in local jobs, seeking empowerment through work and career development. To join Atelier Tuffery, only human skills such as personality or know-how really count in the recruitment process. There is no need for specific diplomas, no prerequisites, as everyone has a chance and will be trained internally. Our universal language is the dexterity of our hands and that is shared by all, no matter the mother tongue of those who join us.

Priority given
to the local and
vocational integration

We promote local employment and work to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment and help the economic development of our area. Social integration through work is fundamental for us, and we are committed to this, with an ESAT (centres that help people get into work), located 20km from the workshop, used for certain stages of our production, in particular washing and ironing.

A complete
in-house training
course offering a qualification

Our in-house training course is comprehensive and specific to our trades, in order to preserve our know-how and ensure it is handed on. The training plan is recognised by our skills operator in the clothing sector (OPCO).


Absolute priority given to permanent contracts

In 2020, the breakdown of contracts at Atelier Tuffery was as follows: 70% permanent, 20% apprenticeships and 10% fixed-term contracts before signing permanently. We mainly use the AFPR (pre-recruitment training) system with Pôle Emploi (employment centre). The training is conducted entirely in-house because our know-how has not been taught elsewhere in recent years. Because the learning process is long and complex, we do our best to ensure that our new recruits want to stay with us as quickly as possible, which is why we choose to automatically offer permanent contracts.

Quality takes precedence over quantity

Quality takes precedence over quantity

For us, quality in the way we produce and excellence in the making of our clothes prevail over the quantity of items to be manufactured. They come before unbridled productivity. It is our manufacturing speed that drives marketing, not the other way round.

We are facing increasing numbers of orders. We could increase our subcontracting to meet this growing demand and enter into a logic of mass production, but that is not what we are about. Instead, we have chosen to develop our internal production tools and strengthen the talent of our teams.


Emancipation through work

Emancipation through work

We are determined to instil within the company a human dynamic of collective benevolence. We uncompromisingly defend the fact that manual work in a workshop should allow anyone to emancipate themselves. With their handiwork everyone is equal in the workshop, regardless of their CV, lived experiences, level of French, social origins or the difficulties they have encountered in life. Through manual work, everyone can find their place in our company’s ecosystem. It’s an opportunity to integrate socially, stabilise lives, feel useful and progress technically as a team towards recognised expertise.