A heritage passed down
from generation to generation

A pioneer in French jeans since 1892, the Tuffery family has passed on its manufacturing secrets for 4 generations. Atelier Tuffery is first and foremost a family of passionate campaigning artisans, which is reflected in the commitment of Myriam and Julien, who today embody the latest Tuffery generation.

Generations meet up
within the workshop

Because handing on skills is fundamental for us, our workshop is intergenerational. All ages work together and learn from each other, from master tailors through to young recruits undergoing training.

A workshop open to all

All year round, our workshop in Florac, in the heart of the Cévennes mountains, is open to visitors and our boutique allows you to explore our range. Come and immerse yourself in the world of authentic and contemporary French manufacturing!


Coming soon here, the chance to take a virtual tour
of our workshop in Florac, in the heart
of the Cévennes mountains.


In-house design and
manufacturing expertise

At Atelier Tuffery, our Florac team has always had the ability to sketch, design, create, manufacture and sell every item in our company’s range. All the necessary skills have always been maintained in-house and shared within the workshop. It means we can retain, from generation to generation, our mastery of the jeans manufacturing process.

Priority given to training

Because we have unique traditional skills specialising in denim, we are fortunate to be able to directly train our teams and develop the talent of our employees. We want to take the time to pass on to our new recruits the handicraft inherited from four generations of tailors.

In-house logistics chain

Because we want your orders to be in good hands, all the logistics are handled 100% in-house at our workshop in Florac. It is our employees, in our premises, using our equipment who carefully pack your orders every day and slip a little note in before sending them to you. The only ‘outsiders’ are the hauliers who form the last link in the chain before you receive your order.


Choosing direct sales

Our desire not to overproduce and to work at a pace adapted to our vision of fashion leads us to produce moderate volumes of products. We have chosen to sell them mainly via our online shop and in the boutique in our Florac workshop. This allows us to build a real relationship with those who choose our clothes. Only a few partners distribute some of our pieces, but this is very much an exception to the rule.

Controlled prices and margins

Through direct sales, we cut out any intermediaries which allows us to offer our creations at a price which is fair for those who make them and for those who buy them. This means our margins are better redistributed to the women and men who allow us, every day, to create value in the workshop.

The greatest care given to our customers

The relationship with our customers is especially important to us. We manufacture for you and your satisfaction is our priority. This is why we promote participatory and transparent communication. We try to be as available as possible and to personalise our interactions with each of you. And we take back, repair and improve hundreds of products a year.

« I preferred to wait a bit to give my opinion. After more than 50 washes, my jeans have not changed one bit. »
Guillaume C.
« A formidable entrepreneurial project reviving an entire regional chain. Bravo for the optimism and passion. »
Juliette R.
« Great to meet you, great workshop, great story and, of course, great jeans! »
Benoit M.