For more than two years, we have worked with our partner VirgoCoop to re-establish a production line for jean fabrics made of hemp. After months of research and development, we are proud to introduce the launch of a new line of Made in France hemp jeans. Coming from a local, ethical and environmentally responsible sector, this hemp fabric, with its naturally heathered appearance, is also thermoregulatory: it’s an avant-garde and firmly innovative initiative.

The creation of innovative and eco-responsible Made in France hemp jeans

This line was born from a desire to resurrect a strong tradition in our area: hemp jeans were quite naturally manufactured here in the 18th century, launched in France by Celestin Tuffery himself.

Our company has decided to revive the forgotten local hemp sector in Occitanie, allowing us to go further in our quest for ethical fabrics and to offer clothing for everyone in accordance with their individual lifestyles. Today, we are launching the first contemporary hemp jeans, from a 100% local sector, made in our workshop by our master tailors and clothiers in the Cévennes mountains. It provides us with the opportunity to continue to offer jeans that respect our values, our ethics and our environment. Hemp also has the advantage of presenting a natural heathered appearance, fitting neatly with the trend for authentic, plant-based materials.

Finally, this traditional sector also chimes with innovation, because hemp allows us to offer a naturally thermoregulatory garment, which can be worn winter or summer, faithful to our desire not to bend to the frantic seasonal rhythm of the fashion world and to offer clothes that span the years.


Le premier jean en chanvre français, fabriqué en Cévennes - Atelier TUFFERY


The history of the hemp jeans sector, the plant and its renewal

Hemp was not chosen by chance. In fact, hemp was one of the very first plants domesticated by humans. It has multiple uses, ranging from food through to textiles and including military uses such as ropes in the navy. France was one of the world’s major hemp producing countries until the 19th century. La Canebière, the historic high street in Marseille’s old quarter, gets its name from the fact the area was a large trading centre for all kinds of hemp-related products. This once-forgotten plant is enjoying a new lease of life thanks to its excellent agricultural qualities. It is particularly robust, shows good disease-resistance, does not require weed killers as it covers the ground so efficiently, consumes very little water and has a large range of properties that allow it to be used in many different sectors.


Le premier jean en chanvre français, fabriqué en Cévennes - Atelier TUFFERY Le premier jean en chanvre français, fabriqué en Cévennes - Atelier TUFFERY

A vision for the future of hemp jeans

Today, this innovation allows us to further shorten our supply chain for the raw materials used in the manufacture of our clothing and thereby reduce the carbon footprint of our products. In addition, we wanted to develop our offer without limiting ourselves exclusively to cotton, seeking ever more virtuous choices for both farmers and consumers.

We have developed this partnership with VirgoCoop and tapped into local expertise, in particular spinners, weavers and dyers, to allow us to ensure all stages of the value chain are conducted in Occitanie. We already participate in the planting of hemp plots in the Lot Valley to ensure the long-term local supply of this raw material.

It’s an initiative that is part of the reconstruction of this sector, directly funded by sales of our hemp clothing. And it’s an opportunity to contribute to the renewal of French agriculture, while investing in timeless jeans.

Le premier jean en chanvre français, fabriqué en Cévennes - Atelier TUFFERY

The first 100 pairs of hemp jeans will be revealed very soon in our store so be among the first
to support this renewal by pre-ordering…


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