General conditions of sale

General conditions of sale for Atelier Tuffery jeans



These general conditions of sale govern the relationship between SAS ACT 1892 (telephone: registered with the RCS in Mende (48.000), Siren 821 904 018, and having its registered office at St Julien du Gourg in Florac (48.400) and the customer in connection with the sale of clothing described on the order form and chosen by the customer through the website

Atelier TUFFERY and Jeans TUFF’S are two registered trademarks.



Acceptance of general conditions

The order validation process cannot be fulfilled from the completion of the ‘contact’ form. SAS ACT 1892 undertakes not to disclose customers’personal information.

The validation by the customer of the order made on the website implies their unreserved acceptance of the whole of these general conditions of sale. These general conditions of sale shall prevail over any other general or special conditions.

The photographs illustrating the products on the website or in any other document, are not within the contractual scope. SAS ACT 1892 reminds customers that the clothes sold are produced artisanally which can result in a certain singularity.

In the event that errors are present, they do not engage the responsibility of SAS ACT 1892 with respect to the customer.

SAS ACT 1892 reserves the right to cancel an order, informing the customer if deliveries cannot be ensured in the customer’s geographical area (technical and/or financial impossibilities).



Price stipulated on the website

3/1: The prices mentioned on the SAS ACT 1892 website include VAT.

The prices indicated do not include the costs of transport and delivery.

To the price including VAT of the items mentioned on the website, 4.50€ (four euros and fifty cents) will be added to the customer’s order if the product(s) is/are to be delivered in France. This is valid to a limit of 3 items per shipment. For a higher number of items, more than one package will be required and consequently there will be an additional cost of 4.50€ per package.

To the price including VAT of the items mentioned on the website, 15€ (fifteen euros) will be added to the customer’s order if the product(s) is/are sent to Europe (in the sense of a Member Country of the European Community) or to french overseas departments and territories. For other countries, there will be a charge of 20€ (twenty euros). These rates are applicable for a maximum of 3 items per package.

3/2: Costs not included in the price stipulated on the website.

The price indicated on the SAS ACT 1892 website does not include costs incurred by the customer in returning the product(s) purchased to SAS ACT 1892.

The price quoted on the SAS ACT 1892 website does not include customs duties or any other taxes that would have to be paid in order that the customer can receive the product(s) ordered.



Terms of payment

Upon acceptance of the purchase order, the customer undertakes to pay the price of the product, the cost of transport and delivery and all taxes and customs duties.

The price in addition to the costs relating to transport and delivery and any taxes are due at the time of order. Payment will only be made by credit card (via PayPal or SystemPay) using secure systems, by bank transfer or by cheque.




Due to the characteristics of the clothing sold by SAS ACT 1892, namely, in particular, its artisanal manufacture, delivery times may vary. The deadlines indicated in the product sheets are for information only. SAS ACT 1892 will remain available to provide customers with any necessary information about orders and their delivery times. It will assume its responsibility in the case of delivery problems to fulfil the needs of the customer.

The delivery service is provided by France’s La Poste, including all warranty, deadline and service terms.

The terms and delivery times are valid under normal postal service conditions. In the event of disruptions to delivery services, which are independent of the wishes of the SAS ACT 1892 company, delivery times may be longer than expected.

SAS ACT 1892 reserves the right to cancel an order, informing the customer if deliveries cannot be ensured in the customer’s geographical area (technical and/or financial impossibilities).



Right of retraction

Insofar as they are a consumer within the meaning of the Consumer Code, the customer has the right to retract from the sale within 30 days of delivery, returning the products to SAS ACT 1892 for exchange or refund.

Customers are reminded that SAS ACT 1892 can refuse the return of products if they are not in perfect condition.

All costs relating to the customer exercising the right of retraction shall be borne by the customer.



Change of size or model and refunds

Where required, SAS ACT 1892 undertakes to send a new size or a different model to the customer in cases where they are dissatisfied. SAS ACT 1892 also agrees to reimburse the cost of the product in cases of dissatisfaction. Exchange or reimbursement will be made only if the consumer returns the product(s) at their expense to Atelier TUFFERY and the product(s) are in new condition.

SAS ACT 1892 reserves the right not to exchange or make a refund if the product(s) are not in perfect condition.



SAS ACT 1892’s liability

For all sales with customers, SAS ACT 1892 has only an obligation of means.

Under no circumstances can SAS ACT 1892 be held liable for any malfunction of the Internet network, theft of bank data etc.



Intellectual property

All elements of the site are and remain the property of SAS ACT 1892.



Personal data

Under Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978, the data and information transmitted by customers will be subject to automated processing.

In application of the aforementioned text, customers are reminded that they have a right of access to and rectification of the data concerning them.

SAS ACT 1892 will keep a written or computerised record of all orders and payments made by the customer.



In the case of force majeure

SAS ACT 1892 is exempt from any obligation to deliver products ordered in all cases of force majeure, in particular in the event of a strike and the occurrence of any events beyond SAS ACT 1892 which call into question the manufacture or delivery of the product.

If a case of force majeure occurs, delivery will be postponed to the date when the force majeure ceases, without the customer being able to demand any indemnity from SAS ACT 1892.

Under these circumstances, SAS ACT 1892 will also have the option to terminate the contract and refund to the customer the sums paid by them, to the exclusion of any indemnity of any kind whatsoever.

In particular, the following shall be considered as cases of force majeure: fire, flood or any other accident causing the partial or complete destruction of the business, strike, lack of motive power or raw materials resulting from a general cause and natural disasters.

It shall also be considered as force majeure when the acts referred to above occur either at a supplier’s premises or in any other establishment on which the execution of the contract depends.



Applicable law and relevant jurisdictions

This contract is subject to French law. The original language of this contract is French. In case of dispute, French courts will have sole jurisdiction.