Chemise made in France Causses en jean français brut
Chemise Causses en Jean français brut

Causses man shirt in raw jean - Artisan

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A label awarded by the French State recognising excellence in French companies with exceptional artisanal and industrial know-how, whose heritage is aimed very much towards the future. It was issued to us in 2017 by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Causses is Atelier Tuffery’s grandad shirt, inspired by Alphonse Tuffery’s work smock which was made in the famous fabric from Nîmes.


Colour : Raw indigo

Fit : Straight, lightly fitted

Fabric : Chambray (10,5 Oz) Origin Spain

Composition : 100% cotton

Buttons : Boxwood

Thread : Origin Europe

Manufacture : Made in France

Originel / Artisan / Tailleur

The innovative range identifies new materials and fabrics, enhancing denim still further with the use of organic cotton or other local plant fibres from artisanal producers.


Since 1892

handed down
from generation
to generation.

between the team
and our French

Top quality
finishing touches.

made by hand
in France.


Causses man shirt in raw jean
Discover the shirt
Causses Raw
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Master tailor Norbert Tuffery shares his maintenance tips.

“Before being sold, all our products are washed in France without the addition of environmentally harmful products.

The first time you put on your new jeans, they should feel a bit tight because our high-quality fabrics are a little stiff at first. They will relax over time and the less you wash your jeans, the more beautiful they will be in the long term.”



It was 125 years ago when Célestin Tuffery decided to offer workers ingenious and comfortable clothing, giving birth to French jeans. Robust over-trousers, practical dungarees, a protective jacket… This workwear of yesteryear has now been reborn and while it can still fulfil its primary function, it pays homage in style to the craftsmen, icons of French know-how, who once wore it.

les derniers et uniques fabricants de jeans français

“Some of our pieces have a name directly drawn from the area that serves as a natural setting for our workshop. Located for 125 years in the heart of the Cévennes National Park, we create our clothes between the Cévennes valleys and the Grands Causses, which offer us daily inspiration.”


Causses are arid landscapes formed in the Cévennes, a set of high limestone plateaus dating mainly from the Jurassic period. Highly characteristic of our landscape, they inspired us to create this grandfather collar shirt, similar to the work tunic worn by people in the region.

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David P.

“A beautiful story, savoir-faire, know-how and life skills. A beautiful project with real values ​​and a passion that is felt by every word. Congratulations and thank you”


Victim of its own success

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