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Nouvelles fraiches

FUTURE: For our 130th anniversary we are tripling the surface area of ​​our premises

We have always chosen to take the time to do things right. Choices that allow us to invest heavily in our historic workshop today. Discover how, this year, we are tripling the size of our premises.
Maquette nouveau bâtiment | Atelier Tuffery

For several years now, at Atelier Tuffery, we have chosen to take the time to do things well. This translates into a thoughtful development and a perfectly controlled healthy growth . These choices allow us today to invest heavily in our production tool. And this, in our historical territory of Florac, in Lozère, right in the heart of the Cévennes.

This year, with our ongoing desire to remain a high-expertise manufacturing brand, we are tripling the size of our premises.


In continuity with the workshop, built in 2017, we decided to embark on a new phase in our economic development. It's a tremendous pleasure to invest heavily in the Lozère territory . And this, in the same village of Florac that has seen four generations of tailors and manufacturers succeed one another.


Adjoining the current Florac workshop-store, the extension project can be summarized in two phases:

– The construction of approximately 1000m2 of new premises.

– As well as the takeover of a neighboring location of 600 m2.

By 2023, we will be able to benefit from a production tool of more than 2000 m2 , in continuation of the current workshop.

This extension will also make it possible to develop multiple spaces. Expansions of the production workshop, the logistics department, the store area, and our office space will take place in this extension. These new premises will also incorporate a workshop-school . A place that allows us to further strengthen in-house training—a strong marker of Atelier Tuffery for many years.

Eventually, we will then be able to double our workforce. We will then aim for around fifty collaborators in Florac. No date for this, as is our custom, we will maintain the most appropriate pace to maintain a very high level of excellence in training while reinforcing well-being at work and taking care of the close relationship with all our clients.

Maquette nouveau bâtiment | Atelier Tuffery

With a sound and robust economic health, we have chosen to invest from our own funds along with a standard bank loan. The investment will approach 2.5 million euros and will involve real estate, production tools, training, business development, and logistics. Crédit Agricole du Languedoc , which provides the financing solution, has always been deeply involved in the success and monitoring of this development plan. Similarly, La Banque Populaire du Sud plays a significant role in our day-to-day management.


Our expansion will be achieved with the unwavering support of local actors. Lozère is a great place to develop activity, including high-end fashion. To support our growth, we can count on the Occitanie region through its development agency AD'OCC , which provides solutions from digitization to financial engineering. This expansion project is also co-funded by the French State through the Recovery Plan , the Occitanie region, the Lozère department, and the Gorges Causses Cévennes Community of Communes. Not to forget the Initiative scheme (France, Languedoc Roussillon, and Lozère) , a major player in the development of Atelier Tuffery since 2016.


For this building, we prioritize the massive use of local resources (wood). The place will also be ecologically insulated with solutions incorporating textile recycling . It will also be energy-independent thanks to photovoltaic panels. And, true to our tradition, we have chosen to entrust the construction of this new site to local companies :

Main Works – SOGEBAT (Lozère) | Framework – MIRMAN (Lozère) | Roofing – MXT TOITURES (Lozère) | Insulation – DUARTE (Lozère) | Plumbing Heating – ARMAND (Lozère) | Electricity, photovoltaic, low current – RODIER (Lozère) | Flooring – MF CARRELAGE (Lozère) | Ironwork – MTE (Lozère) | Carpentry – SUD ASSEMBLAGE (Gard)

Maquette nouveau bâtiment | Atelier Tuffery

We have chosen a functional and disruptive design. For us, it has always been crucial to modernize and rethink the manufacturing process to transform it into a pinnacle of well-being and empowerment for the workshop's employees . Simultaneously, we aimed to create a pleasant space for all visitors and local residents eager to explore our universe.

Confection | Atelier Tuffery
Confection | Atelier Tuffery
Confection | Atelier Tuffery

We have always been committed to doing things step by step, taking our time, investing in long-term production tools , and maintaining control over the sales of our creations, thus preserving the virtuous system of "direct sales."

Since taking over Atelier Tuffery, Myriam & Julien Tuffery have been careful not to get caught up in the frenzied race that, unfortunately, is beginning to dictate the "made in France" trend. Economic opportunism could easily lead brands astray from their core values. Hence, five years after taking over the historic factory, the company's turnover grew from less than 100,000 euros to more than 3.6 million euros , maintaining a profitability that allows them to invest without compromising their standards.

Julien Tuffery often emphasizes:

"If our sole aim was to inflate turnover, we wouldn't have adopted this strategy. We would've said yes to the hundreds of stores wanting to stock our products, produced hundreds of thousands of trousers with our partner workshops, and that would be that. But no, that's not the choice we made! An old merchant's saying summarizes it well: 'It's better to sell 10 times less but 10 times better!' Tomorrow's fashion will minimize the distance between the consumer and the manufacturer, hence the need to develop our workshops."


Despite numerous offers from investors over the past three years, some offering significant amounts in exchange for a stake in the company, we chose to maintain 100% family ownership . For a unique company like ours, with specialized expertise and a commitment to sustainability, it's vital to have complete control over governance. Currently, time is our most valuable asset: the time for training, the time to build local networks, and the time to promote eco-responsible and sustainable fashion. While fundraising often aims to accelerate growth, we need to slow down and meticulously address these essential points.

We are ambitious, but our goal is long-term success . While we have achieved economic success, we believe real success is measured over 10, 15, or even 30 years, always adhering to our principle of "Common Sense". We aim to be a manufacturing company that's responsible & sustainable, with a human-centric organization and a rigorous approach.

"Too many examples around us show that diluting equity leads to business decisions that are inconsistent with the original ethos, a risk we've always refused to take."

Boutique | Atelier Tuffery
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