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Être exigeant | Atelier Tuffery
Être exigeant | Atelier Tuffery
Rigorousness at the heart of our approach

Virtuous practices for our materials

A large part of our job consists of finding, as close as possible to the workshop, the best quality materials and other supplies . We do not exclude excellent craftsmanship beyond national borders as we work with our historical suppliers in France, Italy and Spain, who provide us with specific expertise , ecological responsibility and a quality that we can sometimes no longer find in France. This approach is not dictated by cost issues but only by a historical demand for excellence .

So, we collaborate with weavers who provide us with the most beautiful fabrics such as Michael in the Vosges, Eric and Xavier in the Tarn, Alessandra in Veneto, northern Italy, and Conchi in the Spanish Basque Country. For wool, we call on Emmanuel in the Tarn and François, Maria and Christelle in Lozère. Finally, Mathieu T, Mathieu E, Johann and Pierre in the Lot provide us with our hemp fabric.

Partenariat d'excellence | Atelier Tuffery
Lasting and trusting relationships for the clothing sector

We no longer speak of suppliers but of partners , with whom we have built a solid and lasting network . Faithful to our values, quality French clothing is the unchangeable bedrock of our company.

We work with Paul, Edouard, Aram and their team in Marseille, with whom we share our tailoring trade practices. We have helped each other for decades and, based  on specifications developed by us, they participate in the making of some of our jeans. Similarly, there is  Michel’s workshop and his teams near Paris, Sylvain’s expertise in the city itself and Patrick’s company  in Laval. The latter helps us in the manufacture of our sleeves, shirts and jackets, enabling Atelier Tuffery to develop a new expertise.

We are convinced that together we are stronger and that it is time for all the trades in the French textile sector (weavers, spinners, tailors etc.) to shine once more.

Ever more virtuous development projects

With this set of partners, we continually develop new projects , aiming to continuously strengthen the environmental responsibility of our products , reflecting on new materials, more sustainable fashion, new processes, more premises etc. However, above all, our priority is on the pleasure of working together over the long term .

Artisanat d'excellence | Atelier Tuffery
Confection française | Atelier Tuffery
Confection française | Atelier Tuffery
The majority of our clothes come from our workshop in Florac in France’s Cévennes mountains. Our partner clothing workshops, with which we collaborate on certain styles of jeans and on our sleeved pieces, are also 100% French from the beginning and forever!
Made in france

Eco-responsible know-how, handmade, in the Cévennes

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