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French craftsmanship

The Foundational Design

For 125 years, Atelier TUFFERY has been designing its jeans collections with an emphasis on authenticity, elegance, and simplicity. The brand's iconic models stand alongside new, understated, and timeless creations, designed in Florac and tailored both to everyday wear and the requirements of craftsmen.

Noble Materials

Atelier TUFFERY chooses high-quality denim fabrics, ranging from raw organic cotton to selvedge denim , and fabrics blended with silk. Always in pursuit of the finest materials, the selected fabrics come from France, Spain, and Italy. The labels are made of genuine leather and the rivets of copper, distinguishable by the three scissors emblem, a symbol of the house.

The Secret of the Cut

The cutting is one of the secret stages in making a pair of jeans. It is done with the iconic scissors passed down from generation to generation by the master tailors of the family. Atelier TUFFERY employs an ancient technique , using cardboard patterns, which allows for drawing the parts of the jeans with mineral chalk on the fabric.

Savoir-faire français | Atelier Tuffery
Handmade French Craftsmanship

An Atelier TUFFERY jean is easily recognizable due to its advanced degree of finish, ensuring garments that resonate with a tradition of quality. The pieces are hand-sewn in Florac, France, by master tailors trained by the heirs of this craft, now considered a part of French artisanal heritage.

Attention to Detail

Inherited from work clothing, the two-part rear pocket, present on men's trousers , is the signature finish of Atelier TUFFERY. It is reminiscent of the house's drive for innovation and its avant-garde approach, allowing only the worn pocket base, affected by tools and hardware, to be replaced.

French Jeans Since the Beginning

Because Atelier TUFFERY garments are designed, cut, sewn, assembled, and washed in France, every Atelier TUFFERY jean has a belt loop, adorned with a blue, white, and red stripe, highlighting this tricolor pride of "Made in France". Atelier TUFFERY has been awarded the prestigious "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" label.

Savoir-faire français | Atelier Tuffery
The Ecological Footprint

Atelier TUFFERY follows a slow-fashion approach that respects the environment. The washes are done ecologically in France. Raw materials are sourced as close to the workshop as possible, minimizing the carbon footprint. Jeans are produced according to demand variations, preventing overproduction.

Passing On the Legacy for the Future

Atelier TUFFERY places special emphasis on training its future master tailors. The transmission of this original French know-how is provided internally and in our partner workshops, through an extensive training process. Every day, each tailor continues the commitment to uphold a tradition of French quality since 1892.

Savoir-faire français | Atelier Tuffery
Made in france

Eco-responsible know-how, handmade, in the CĂ©vennes

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