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The common sense manifesto
“Cutting-edge fashion, respecting the traditions of the past and innovating for the challenges to come.”

For more than 125 years, four generations have passed on a key concept day after day in our company: ‘common sense’ . We talk about it in the workshop, we share it in the boutique, we spread the idea in the media and yet it deserves to be defined again today, in our words…

Common sense is what we try to apply every day within our workshop. It is a philosophy and an ambition, a promise and a vision, the cause and the consequence of our decisions . And defining ‘common sense’ today means being a little more transparent, in order to continue to publicise our century-old commitment to respecting humans and the planet.

As pioneers in French jeans and  business leaders, common sense for us is simultaneously being manufacturers, being responsible, being sustainable, being human and being demanding .


We have a history: to always defend the importance of being a manufacturing brand , to have expert understanding of our workshop and value chain, of establishing a direct relationship between the hands that manufacture and the customers who buy . Our greatest asset today is our team of creators of artisanal jeans.


We have a duty: to always be rethinking our workshop, to listen to the creativity of our teams, to offer well-being and make our company a place of emancipation for everyone . The same goes for the environmental challenges that await us, ‘less but better’ will always win without debate over ‘always more, no matter what’.


We have one ambition: to always assess and eliminate decisions that could jeopardise the future of the generations to come. As activists in common sense , we are artisans who do everything we can to think of fashion differently and make it more sustainable.


We have a sensibility: to always favour human relations. The relevance of what we have been campaigning for over the course of decades is now increasingly recognised: maintaining the link . Whether that be with our team, between all areas of the company or between all team members with customers directly. The same goes for all our partner workshops as well as our collaborations, only one thing counts: the pleasure of working and sharing together .


We have a vision: to always refine our attention to all these commitments . No short-term financial opportunism will undermine these fundamental values. Atelier Tuffery will continue to offer fashion, but also a way of making fashion, that is exemplary and resolutely focused on the challenges to come.

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Myriam & Julien TUFFERY | Atelier Tuffery
Paysage des Cévennes | Atelier Tuffery
Paysage des Cévennes | Atelier Tuffery
A complete review of our commitments
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