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How do you choose the materials for your products?

Atelier TUFFERY's commitment to fine materials demands high-quality denim fabrics, ranging from organic raw cotton denim to selvedge denim, and incorporating blends with hemp, wool, or silk. The selected fabrics come from France, the birthplace of denim in Nîmes, which gave its name to denim, as well as from Spain and Italy, where denim was known as "jean" due to its production in Genoa.

Always striving for excellence, Atelier TUFFERY continually seeks out fabrics distinguished by their compositions, origins, or the artisans who weave them. The labels are made of genuine leather, and the rivets are crafted from copper, recognizable by the three scissors, a symbol of the house.

How do you ensure your clothes are so comfortable?

The secret to the comfort of an Atelier TUFFERY jean lies primarily in the essential cutting stage, performed using the famous large scissors passed down through generations by the family's master tailors. Atelier TUFFERY employs cardboard patterns, an ancestral technique preserved for hand-cutting the jean pieces from the fabric. They are drawn with mineral chalk directly onto the fabric and assembled to create unique pieces that withstand the test of time.

How are your garments made?

An Atelier TUFFERY jean is recognizable for its exceptionally high degree of finishing, ensuring garments that reflect this tradition of quality. The pieces are hand-sewn , mostly in Florac and in our excellent partner workshops, in France, by master tailors trained by the heirs of this gesture, now a French artisanal heritage.

Are all your clothes Made in France?

Yes, each product for sale on our website is entirely designed, cut, sewn, assembled, and washed in France! To never forget this, each jean has a belt loop, lined with a blue, white, and red ribbon, recalling this tricolor pride. Because this French jean know-how, passed down from generation to generation, is unique in France, Atelier TUFFERY has received the prestigious Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label, highlighting craftsmanship of excellence, as well as the Made in France certification by French Customs.

What does the logo on the website indicating that Atelier TUFFERY is EPV mean?

Atelier TUFFERY is proud to display the prestigious Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label, received from the greatest traditional French houses, in homage to their unmatched French know-how and their enduring quality requirement.

Why are the back pockets of men's pants in two parts, with that seam in the middle?

Little house secret… The two-part pocket , still present on men's pants, is the signature of Atelier TUFFERY finishes, the best way to authenticate a jean. It recalls the utility of the jean, a work garment, and the innovative spirit of the avant-garde house, which developed these two-part pockets, allowing only the worn-out pocket bottom to be changed by tools and hardware.

How are the clothes rinsed and/or washed?

All our jeans, once made, are sent to Le Mans to a specialized factory, which rinses and prepares the pants according to the desired visual effect. It's a real profession, with specific techniques. Atelier TUFFERY carries out its washing processes in France, in an ecological and responsible manner . All of this is done in compliance with current environmental and social standards, controlled by approved control agencies and French authorities. We also often visit our partner in Le Mans to maintain control over this important phase of the production of our denim clothing.

Who sews our Atelier TUFFERY clothes?

You will discover the name of your master tailor-seamstress on the small spool of thread accompanying the shipment of your jeans.

Behind each Atelier TUFFERY piece, there is a man or woman at the forefront of their know-how, who has put all the necessary care and attention to craft your garment.

To ensure that this know-how never disappears and can continue to dress generations of men and women in denim, Atelier TUFFERY devotes special attention to the training of its future master tailors-seamstresses. The transmission of this original know-how is provided internally, through a long training process. Each tailor now holds all the secrets of manufacturing of each garment that comes out of the workshop and perpetuates this requirement of a tradition of quality since 1892 for centuries to come.

Do the models change every season?

At Atelier TUFFERY , you'll find your favorite models from year to year. Because producing timeless, understated, elegant, and durable jeans is ingrained in our values, the collections will always be available from one season to another, accompanied by new models or colors.

Are summer models also available in winter, such as the mini-skirt or Bermuda shorts, for example?

Yes! At Atelier TUFFERY, there are no specific fabrics for winter or summer. We use the finest denim fabrics all year round, offering comfort, elegance, and durability. All our products are available for sale throughout the year.

Do you organize end-of-season sales?

Because we are manufacturers and responsible, we do not overproduce. Indeed, we avoid making pants that would not be sold, thus avoiding waste and overproduction aberrations. So, no sales at our place!

What are the Parfaits Imparfaits offered by Atelier TUFFERY?

The Parfaits Imparfaits are a special offer from Atelier TUFFERY , originally intended for our summer and festive clearance sales held at the workshop in Florac. These are garments that, despite all the care taken in their production, have more or less significant defects such as wear, color, or proportions. These defects, clearly identified and explained, prevent the garment from meeting the usual standards of our Made in France jeans collections. However, these clothes remain beautiful and comfortable to wear, offering buyers an opportunity to indulge while reducing the impact of their consumption on the environment.

How to find the right size?

To find your ideal size, consult the size guide on the relevant page, as well as the assistant. If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to contact our teams who will be happy to guide you. Telephone +33 (0)4 66 45 00 94 or email contact@ateliertuffery.com .

Is it normal to feel a bit tight in a brand-new pair of jeans?

Feeling slightly snug in a new pair of jeans is normal. Our denim fabric is authentic and intentionally thick, which may make it feel a bit tight at first. However, it will soften with wear, typically within the first few hours of use.

Can I choose the leg length?

In our tradition of tailor-confectioners, we avoid fixed lengths as everyone has different leg lengths. Our trousers are intentionally a bit longer, but we provide thread so you can adjust the hem perfectly to your size. Customizing the hem is essential for our jeans' longevity.

Is it possible to request hemming from you?

We can hem the jeans according to the desired leg length. However, without a fitting, there is a risk that it may not fit perfectly. In this case, the jeans are no longer exchangeable. Therefore, we prefer to provide you with a mini spool of thread so you can hem it yourself. During your next purchases at Atelier TUFFERY, we will be delighted to offer alteration before shipping.

Is there a charge for hemming if I request it?

Hemming is complimentary. However, please NOTE that a pair of trousers with a hem cannot be exchanged if there is a size change. We recommend hemming the trousers yourself after receiving them. Use the mini spool of thread provided with your order to create a hem matching the garment's seams.

Can I customize aprons?

Customizing your apron makes it unique, whether it's for yourself, your business, or as a gift for your loved ones. When you order an apron with embroidery, we will ask you to provide the desired text.

For any other customization or bespoke requests, such as adding a logo, please contact our team directly . Telephone +33 (0)4 66 45 00 94 or email contact@ateliertuffery.com .

Do you make custom jeans?

Custom tailoring is our core expertise, but it requires a lot of time and patience. To learn more about custom tailoring, you can visit our dedicated page on bespoke tailoring.

Are there any Atelier TUFFERY stores in France and worldwide?

At the moment, we sell our items exclusively on our website and in our workshop-boutique located in Florac, in the heart of the Cévennes, and soon in our boutique in Montpellier.

We understand that you may prefer to try our products before purchasing. Our exchange policy is designed to be simple and convenient: just return the item in the incorrect size, and we will send you the correct size free of charge.

Can we distribute your products?

Currently, we do not have the desire or the volume to distribute our jeans through retailers. We focus exclusively on our production to maintain a high level of standards and quality.

Can we visit and tour the workshop?

Yes, with great pleasure! We are open Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm, at the workshop/boutique located at ZA St Julien du Gourg, 48400 FLORAC. For workshop visits, we invite you to inquire on the dedicated page .

Are the prices in euros, including all taxes?

Yes , all our prices are expressed in Euros, including VAT.

How can I get the invoice for my online purchase?

Each order will be sent to you with an invoice indicating the product name, the price excluding taxes, the VAT, and the total price including taxes.

What are the accepted payment methods?


  • By credit card

  • Via PayPal (transaction and security terms and conditions are available on www.paypal.com ).

  • By bank transfer (upon request), using the following bank details: SAS ACT 1892 IBAN: FR76 1660 7002 7118 1216 1070 305

  • By bank cheque , to be sent payable to Atelier TUFFERY to: Atelier TUFFERY, ZA St Julien du Gourg, 48400 FLORAC, France. The cheque must cover the total amount of the order, as well as the shipping costs.

At the Florac and Montpellier boutiques:

  • Payment methods are those in force in the boutique at the time of sale (cash in euros only, credit card, and bank cheques under certain conditions).

For more details, please consult the general terms and conditions of sale on our website.

How long does it take for orders to arrive on average?

It typically takes between 3 to 5 days to receive an Atelier TUFFERY order. If a product is out of stock, it can be ordered and manufactured within a maximum period of 4 weeks .

Are there multiple delivery options available?

We offer four delivery options:

  • DPD Home Delivery – Home delivery by appointment via Predict in Metropolitan France (excluding Corsica and Overseas) and in Europe (certain specified countries). Free exchanges and returns from a DPD pickup point.

  • Colissimo Home Delivery with Signature – Home delivery in Metropolitan France (including Corsica and Overseas), in Europe, and internationally.

  • Colissimo Pickup Point – Collection of the parcel from a pickup point in Metropolitan France (excluding Corsica and Overseas).

Who prepares the orders?

All orders are prepared directly by the Atelier TUFFERY team .

Is it possible to order a product on your website and have it sent to a different address as a gift?

Yes , simply enter the recipient's address as the delivery address and your address as the billing address. We can omit the invoice if you specify in the "Comment" section during your order.

Why do some items have a longer delivery time than others?

At Atelier TUFFERY, we prioritize quality , adherence to environmental standards , and the well-being of our collaborators in crafting each piece. This meticulous manufacturing process may result in longer delivery times . However, we do not operate with irreparable stock shortages, as we produce according to evolving demand. Thus, if a product is temporarily out of stock, it simply takes a bit longer to manufacture new ones. We appreciate your understanding and patience .

What are the shipping costs?

In Metropolitan France (excluding Corsica and Overseas Territories):

  • DPD Home Delivery : €8.70 including taxes

  • Colissimo Relay Point : €7.80 including taxes

  • Colissimo Home Delivery with Signature : €9.80 including taxes

In Europe:

  • Colissimo : €15 including taxes

  • DPD Home Delivery Predict Zone 1 (Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands): €10 including taxes

  • DPD Home Delivery Predict Zone 2 (Austria, Spain, Great Britain, Italy, Liechtenstein, Switzerland): €14.50 including taxes

International (Asia, Africa, South America, USA, Oceania, North America):

  • Colissimo : €25 including taxes

I reside in a country outside the European Union or in an Overseas Territory, under what conditions can I be exempt from customs duties?

We hold the status of Authorized Exporter (EA) and Registered Exporter (REX) issued by French Customs. These statuses, under certain conditions, allow our customers to be exempt from import customs duties. Our products must meet a European Union preferential origin .

Countries concerned: Switzerland, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, OTMP (French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Saint Pierre and Miquelon).

Authorized Exporter Number: FR004250/0212

Registered Exporter Number: FR-EXP-2020-0006069

I reside in a country outside the European Union or in an Overseas Territory, do I have to pay French VAT?

Shipments to a private customer located in a country outside the EU (including DOM-TOM and Switzerland) are exempt from French VAT at 20% . Customs duties and/or VAT or other taxes in the destination country will be borne by the customer.

EORI Number: FR 82190401800016

Under what timeframe is it possible to exchange?

Outside of exceptional circumstances , you can exchange within a 28-day period , starting from the receipt of your parcel. We intentionally extend the legal deadlines while expecting respectful return of the product ; it must be clean, unaltered, and undamaged.

Is it possible to exchange a personalized model?

Unfortunately, no ! In accordance with Article L. 221-28 of the Consumer Code, there's no exchange possible for personalized items or jeans altered by us or you following your request.

Is it possible to exchange my product if I don't find it perfect, even if the size is correct?

Yes, absolutely! Because our garments are artisanally crafted , each piece is unique with its own personality and quirks. If you receive a piece with unsatisfactory finishes or if your product doesn't seem to match your order, contact us promptly.

I think there's an error in my order? How should I proceed?

In case of an error on Atelier TUFFERY's part, we will fully handle the exchange so you can enjoy your garment promptly. Contact us !

What should I do to simply change the size?
  1. Visit our return request page to initiate the process.

  2. Download and affix the return label to your package. Our shipping boxes are designed for easy closure; simply place the item you wish to return inside.

  3. Visit a nearby Pickup point to drop off your package. Find a Pickup point here.

We will send you the new garment at our expense as soon as possible.

What should I do to change the model?

If you prefer to change the model, opt for a refund in the form of store credit that you can use for the purchase of the desired new model.

  1. Visit our return request page to initiate the process.

  2. Download and affix the return label to your package. Our shipping boxes are designed for easy closure; simply place the item you wish to return inside.

  3. Visit a nearby Pickup point to drop off your package. Find a Pickup point here.

We will process the refund in the form of store credit as soon as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team.

Can I get a refund if the product doesn't suit me?

Certainly, no problem.

Upon receiving your return, we commit to processing it within 48 business hours. For quick processing, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit our return request page to initiate the process.

  2. Download and affix the return label to your package. Our shipping boxes are designed for easy closure; simply place the item you wish to return inside.

  3. Visit a nearby Pickup point to drop off your package. Find a Pickup point here.

We will proceed with the refund promptly.

How can I get a refund if the product doesn't suit me?

You have 30 days from the receipt of your order to request a refund, without the need to provide any specific reason.

Upon receiving your return, we commit to processing it within 48 business hours. For quick processing, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit our return request page to initiate the process.

  2. Download and affix the return label to your package. Our shipping boxes are designed for easy closure; simply place the item you wish to return inside.

  3. Visit a nearby Pickup point to drop off your package. Find a Pickup point here.

We will proceed with the refund promptly.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team .

Are the return fees my responsibility for a refund?

Return fees are covered by us in the case of an exchange or refund in store credit. However, if you opt for a refund to your original payment method, a fee of 6.50 euros (six euros and fifty cents) will be deducted to cover return costs . If you return your entire order, the initial shipping fees will be refunded. However, in the case of a partial return of your order, shipping fees will not be refunded.

I've just received a gift card, how do I use it?
  1. Start your shopping : Visit our website and select the items you wish to purchase, adding them to your cart. Once you've made your selections, proceed to the checkout step.

  2. Enter your gift card code : During the checkout process, locate the field labeled "discount code or gift card" typically found below your cart summary. Enter your gift card code here.

  3. Complete your order : The amount available on your gift card will automatically be deducted from your total order. If the gift card amount covers the entire purchase, you won't need to pay anything additional. If your order exceeds the gift card amount, you can pay the difference using your preferred payment method.

My gift card code isn't working?

If you're experiencing issues with your gift card code, please follow these steps:

  • Code Verification : Ensure that you've entered your gift card code correctly. Codes are often case-sensitive and may include numbers and letters. It's important to enter them exactly as they appear.

  • Contact us : If after verifying, your gift card code still isn't working, don't hesitate to contact our team for assistance. We're here to help you resolve any issues related to using your gift card.

What if I don't use the full amount on my gift card?

No worries, keep your gift card code safe! You can reuse it later to deduct the remaining balance from your future purchases.

How should I wash my jeans?

For regular denim fabrics, without natural indigo:

  • Minimal washing : Wash your jeans as little as possible to preserve their quality.

  • Temperature and spin : Wash, dry, and iron the jeans inside out, at a maximum temperature of 30°C. Opt for a gentle spin, ideally below 600 revolutions per minute.

  • Drying : Avoid leaving the jeans wet in a ball at the bottom of the machine after the cycle.

  • Tumble dryer : Not recommended to preserve the fabric quality.

For denim fabrics with natural indigo (organic & selvedge):

  • First washes : Wash the jeans alone for the first two washes to enhance the indigo patina.

  • Washing tips : Follow the same recommendations as for regular denim fabrics.

For denim fabrics incorporating French wool or hemp:

  • Machine wash : Possible with a delicate cold wash program.

  • Preparation for washing : Turn the jeans inside out before placing them in the machine.

  • Drying and ironing : Hang the jeans inside out for air drying and iron them inside out.

After washing, it's normal for the jeans to feel a bit tighter, but they will quickly regain their initial comfort.

I don't understand, whenever I wear my new Atelier TUFFERY clothes, my clothes in contact with the denim and my hands turn blue. What should I do?

The raw indigo denim used by Atelier TUFFERY is dyed with high-quality indigos (natural or synthetic) that are intentionally minimally rinsed before the pants are sold. Your jeans remain raw, so that each wearer can make them their own and personalize the color through their body and movement.

This raw color can then cause blueing of the hands and some clothes when in contact with the jeans. Be vigilant the first few times you wear it, it's not harmful, and it will fade in the few weeks following the purchase. It's your jeans aging with your touch...

How to contact Atelier TUFFERY?

Whether you're an individual customer, professional, journalist, partner, distributor, or aspiring master tailor-craftsman, there are three ways to get in touch with us:

How to stay informed about Atelier TUFFERY's news?

To stay updated on the latest news from Atelier TUFFERY, subscribe to the newsletter. Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time, and we promise to keep it discreet.

Another option is to follow us on social media: FACEBOOK , INSTAGRAM , PINTEREST et TWITTER .

Where to find the best Pélardons in the region?

The Pélardon is a small emblematic goat cheese from the Cévennes. You can find it everywhere in the region, but we highly recommend those from the Bougès farm of Laurent Pradeilles: THE BEST OF THE BEST in the Cévennes. You can find them at the Florac market on Thursday mornings... Come visit us at the Boutique, it's right next to the market. ;-)

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