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 | Atelier Tuffery
Atelier TUFFERY, responsible jeans manufacturer

Committed to avoiding overproduction

Overproduction is currently a scourge for the environment, creating waste and textile waste. This is why we produce in quantities that reflect demand in real time. Like the tailor’s workshop of the past, the fashion we offer is made on demand and can be customised and adapted to everyone’s daily needs for durable and sustainable clothing.

Committed to not undervaluing our expertise

Because we will never undervalue our local materials and the time taken by our teams, the prices of our creations stay the same all year round . The time spent on manufacturing, the quality of our materials and the care taken for each piece remain unchanged, whatever the season.

Authorising a slow down in production

We prefer to produce slower but better . The well-being of our workshop team is a priority. To maintain excellence in our craftsmanship, we constantly alternate the models and sizes that we make in the workshop. We need to avoid creating a boring routine for those who make our clothing and avoid the tiresome industrialisation of our manufacturing. It is for this reason that sometimes some of our products are momentarily out of stock.

Ne pas surproduire | Atelier Tuffery

Inheriting integrity

A family business since 1892, the choice of controlled and carefully reasoned growth remains unchanged. This has always enabled us to maintain high standards in our working conditions and our management model. There is no chasing of growth which would be to the detriment of our values and the well-being of our employees, teams and collaborators. The capital is currently entirely in the hands of Myriam and Julien Tuffery.

Thriving sustainably

We are convinced that there are now criteria for evaluating a business that are much more relevant than just studying turnover and growth. The hand of time – training, agility, expertise – moves slowly! We are satisfied with a positive impact on our local area , with improved value creation in supply chains and the empowerment of our team . So there is no need to try to go faster, our goal is to thrive sustainably with financial health and solid and prosperous human capital .

Histoire | Atelier Tuffery

Cultivating a circular and local economy

Even though it is now on trend to talk about short supply chains and the circular economy, at Atelier Tuffery we have known how to do this for over a century! Back in the last century, company founder Célestin Tuffery was already sourcing his fabrics from the town of Nîmes, just 100km (60 miles) from Florac.

Paysage des Cévennes | Atelier Tuffery
Recycling packaging and local printing

For our packaging, we make the most responsible choices possible . Your orders are shipped in recycled cardboard boxes, made in Toulouse, France . They can be reused for exchanges or other shipping and then fully recycled 10 times before the fibre degrades. In France, cardboard recycling is a virtuous chain that we strongly favour.

An Innovative Approach: One Box for All Your Needs

In line with our environmental commitment, we've introduced an innovative strategy to streamline your interactions while safeguarding the planet. Our "One Box for All" concept reduces the ecological footprint while ensuring convenience. Every box we utilize, carefully crafted for durability, boasts impressive versatility . It not only caters to your initial orders but also eases exchanges and is repurposed for subsequent shipments . This clever approach minimizes unnecessary waste, conserving our valuable natural resources. Together, we are actively driving a responsible and circular economy.

Responsible and Local Printing of Our Communications

All our communications to you – be it flyers, washing instructions – are printed in France , just a few kilometers from the workshop, on paper that carries certifications ensuring environmental standards and sustainable forest management.

Emballages | Atelier Tuffery
Made in france

Eco-responsible know-how, handmade, in the Cévennes

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