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Our Story


Birth of Célestin Tuffery, the pioneer of French jeans .


At the age of 17, Célestin Tuffery began crafting workwear dyed in indigo , establishing the Tuffery Tailoring Workshop in Florac , at the heart of the Cévennes. His early trousers were renowned for their exceptional functionality and durability, giving rise to the jean.

Notre histoire | Atelier Tuffery

Birth of Jean-Alphonse Tuffery, known as Alphonse, Célestin's son . He learns the craft of tailoring by observing his father, amidst rolls of Nîmes fabric and large cutting scissors .


During his apprenticeship in Nîmes , Jean-Alphonse recognizes the strong potential of the famous eponymous fabric that would later become denim . The work trousers from Atelier Tuffery soon adopt this fabric, making the family establishment the oldest jeans manufacturer in France . The quaint workshop in Florac gains national recognition and grows significantly, popularizing the jean.

Notre histoire | Atelier Tuffery

The third generation of the Tuffery family is born: Marie-Claude, Jean-Jacques, Jean-Pierre, and Norbert. Growing up close to the workshop, they start handling the large scissors and spools of thread from an early age.


Work clothing becomes a symbol of freedom and then a fashion item . Everyone wants their own pair of jeans, and Atelier Tuffery employs up to 40 seamstresses, producing 500 jeans per day. It's time for the three Tuffery brothers to take over the family business and turn it into a brand. Atelier Tuffery evolves into "Tuff's" for several decades, aiming to compete with American giants. Tuff's also becomes a significant partner for major French denim brands.

Notre histoire | Atelier Tuffery
Notre histoire | Atelier Tuffery
Notre histoire | Atelier Tuffery
The beginning of the historic decline of the textile industry in France. This is the era of opening up to the rest of the world, where foreign manufacturers transform production, and French manufacturing is outsourced. Tuff's continues to produce jeans but enters a period where maintaining quality becomes more important than the volume of orders.
Notre histoire | Atelier Tuffery

The three Tuffery brothers continue their expansion by opening a store where they keep selling Tuff’s jeans while expanding their range with a selection of brands offering clothes and accessories tailored to the visitors of the Cévennes. They maintain a discreet Cévenole production to perpetuate this craftsmanship , this passion for denim , and meet the demands of generations of loyal customers.


The three enthusiasts become the last and sole French jeans manufacturers . They are the oldest master tailors of denim pants in France and shift their production to intimate tailoring, catering to the most discerning and those sensitive to this unparalleled craftsmanship.

Notre histoire | Atelier Tuffery
Notre histoire | Atelier Tuffery
Notre histoire | Atelier Tuffery
Made in France is experiencing a resurgence, and we are gradually witnessing the revival of French artisanal heritage. The issue of product traceability and responsible consumption becomes significant. Julien Tuffery, the 4th generation of the family of master tailor-manufacturers, is attuned to these issues and develops a passion for this craftsmanship, closely following in the footsteps of his father and uncles.
Notre histoire | Atelier Tuffery

Julien Tuffery and his wife Myriam decide to take over the family business and shine a light once more on this treasure of the French industry and craftsmanship . They restore the name Tuff's to its historical title of Atelier Tuffery and return to the roots of this heritage of craftmanship. And surround themselves, within France, with a network of high-quality partner workshops.


Marking the 125th anniversary of the family business, Atelier Tuffery opens a new workshop , a modern showcase of this legacy practiced daily by the 3rd generation of the Tufferys. They pass on decades of expertise to the new team of tailor-manufacturers every day. Atelier Tuffery designs new models, with contemporary fits , tailored to the demands of our daily lives, while continuing to produce the legendary models of the house, which still make its fame today.

To be continued...

Notre histoire | Atelier Tuffery
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