Digital is good, but real life is better!

Despite our somewhat isolated location in the heart of the Cévennes mountains, we have always been delighted to receive visitors every year for more than 130 years! But some people have never had the chance to discover our boutique in Florac and, for these customers, we exist only in the virtual world…

So, to please both you AND us we have decided to create the first genuine social network based on Atelier Tuffery.

From now on, ambassadors are criss-crossing the regions to organise Atelier Tuffery meetings with carefully selected partners. It’s the opportunity to discover our history, stretching back more than a century, to feel our beautiful fabrics and finally try on our clothing without having to make a major trek…

It has never been so important to recreate social ties and give meaning to local commerce.

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Meet us in our workshop-boutique

Discover our workshop-boutique in the heart of the Cévennes mountains. We have been designing and making denim clothing since 1892 in the Lozère village of Florac. Here, you can watch our tailors at work and get advice from our team who are passionate about expertise and craftsmanship.

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Our forthcoming meetings

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We have chosen to come to you, creating special moments with our favourite artisans and store owners, as well as specific events with our ambassadors. It is the opportunity for us to really get to meet you, to share our values, to tell our story and allow you to try our made in France denim wardrobe. Each event is a unique moment that we can enjoy together.


Maison de la Lozère

du 04 au 8th April 2023
à Paris
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RENNES : Boutique éphémère

du 18 au 22nd April 2023
à Rue Saint Louis, Rennes
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Do you have a question about dates? Want more information about an event? Or are you an artisan or store owner who would like to host a meeting?

Our ambassadors
are here to answer you!


Artisan eyewear, wine estate, coffee roaster, wine merchant, concept store, chocolate maker etc. So many places and professions whose expertise and commitment we admire!

In every corner of France, we have selected artisans and store owners whose work we admire to co-organise events based on their products and our clothing collection.