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Through its timeless collection of made-in-France jeans, Atelier Tuffery promises a sustainable wardrobe infused with authenticity. French denim clothing for women and men, including pants, denim shirts, denim jackets, and even denim skirts, make up our collection of made-in-France garments, crafted by our skilled tailors and partner workshops. Atelier Tuffery challenges the conventions of denim fashion by introducing new materials: your French jeans are now available in wool or hemp. Among the fabrics offered, the GOTS-certified organic cotton denim meets all the requirements of ecological and socially responsible production.


Our organic cotton jeans & clothes

Because ethical production is essential, at Atelier TUFFERY we offer you a line of clothing made in France in GOTS-certified organic jeans tinted with natural indigo.

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French manufacturing please!

In the family of clothes made in France, I would like…jeans! Yes but not only! For a few years, the historic French jeans brand has been manufacturing something other than made in France pants, and offers you a whole wardrobe of French clothes. From denim shirts to denim dresses made in France, overalls, jackets and coats, Atelier Tuffery equips you with clothing made in France for summer and winter alike. Ideal therefore for those who swear only by French manufacturing. The clothes made in France offered by Atelier Tuffery are sustainable and responsible. To find out more about our values, go to the " Common sense " section.

Buying an item made in France is above all a truly ecological choice. Indeed, when you buy a garment made in France, you opt for a short manufacturing circuit, and thus you limit your carbon footprint: your jacket or your skirt has not traveled thousands of kilometers to reach you!

In France, workshops and factories are strictly supervised to pollute as little as possible, which is rarely the case in countries where the clothes of major brands are often manufactured, such as India or China. This is reflected in the components used, but also in waste management. At Atelier Tuffery, we really care about the environmental impact of making our French clothes. We limit waste and we develop our workshops in order to make them as eco-responsible as possible, in particular with economical management of water and energy. Thus, our jeans, our dresses, or our French-made jackets are designed with respect for the environment.

For a good garment made in France, it is also necessary to think about the sector as a whole, including the origin of the raw materials. What would be the point of French jeans if their canvas came from Asia? This is why at Atelier Tuffery we favor the choice of fabrics as close as possible to our workshop. The raw materials are sourced locally despite the difficulty of supplies. Our wool comes from French sheep. Our flax and our hemp are largely grown in France. We are actors in the restarting in France of all the stages to obtain a French garment from the field to you.

Ecology does not stop at the products: our packaging has also been designed to pollute less. Thus, your garment made in France will be delivered to you in cardboard and paper packaging. These materials are recyclable and non-toxic, unlike plastic.

By buying a French garment, you encourage the economy of our beautiful country. Clothing made in France creates jobs in France. In addition, choosing French jeans for men or women means supporting and encouraging French know-how, which is very famous for a good reason: excellent quality has always been there. In France, all product and manufacturing safety standards, as well as environmental standards, are very strict. You can trust your French garment with your eyes closed.

Consuming less, but better, boycotting fast-fashion, promoting slow-fashion and sustainable fashion, does that speak to you? Then you've come to the right place! At Atelier Tuffery, our clothes made in France are designed to last. A timeless style, quality materials, and craftsmanship: this, in our opinion, is the recipe for a French garment worthy of the name. Here, you will find jeans made in France, chinos, unisex pants, skirts, dresses, shirts, jackets, coats, and accessories, entirely made in France. Far from the big international fashion brands, Atelier Tuffery has been awarded the Living Heritage Company label, which promotes the work of French craft brands of excellence. Our family business has existed for 130 years (we are in the fourth generation of the Tuffery family!) and some of our models, for men or for women, revisited or not, have been in our collections since our beginnings. This is the case, for example, of our unisex work overalls .


Choosing a French-made garment is also a human choice. When you buy a French garment, you are sure that it was not made on the other side of the world, and that the employees benefit from good working conditions and a more than minimal salary. And at Atelier Tuffery, we go much further! Our clothes are designed in France by a small friendly and complicit team, in a workshop on a human scale, very different from large impersonal factories. Our French jeans are produced in bright and temperate workshops where the ergonomics of the workstations have been well thought out. Each employee was recruited without prerequisites or prejudices on his CV and his life course. All have benefited from 14 months of in-house training, during which the know-how of the French artisanal manufacture of jeans has been passed on to them. They have thus become true master tailors. And every day, our collaborators rotate on the different stations, in order to avoid the routine and to prevent the physical disorders of the repetition of a manual task during the manufacture of your French clothes. If you want to see it more closely, know that our workshop, next to our shop, can be visited by appointment. By the way, it's an opportunity to visit the beautiful department of Lozère, or to go hiking in the Cévennes!

Creation is constant within our brand of clothing made in France. We see all our employees as a talent and we believe in collaborative creativity: in our workshop, a wall of inspiration is open to everyone. Everyone can add their personal ideas for improvements to our existing models or for future new French creations.

The French style is obviously very present in our creations of clothing made in France. Atelier Tuffery was founded in 1892 and has since continued to develop French fashion based on models and cuts capable of crossing the decades. At Atelier Tuffery, we don't renew our collections every month like the big fast-fashion brands do. On the contrary, we offer you French clothes whose style remains chic in summer and winter, throughout the year... and your life. Sustainable fashion is also that: not designing clothes designed to quickly go out of fashion, but on the contrary offering you beautiful basics for the women's or men's wardrobe, whether it's our jeans, our skirts, or jackets, not to mention strong and characterful pieces such as our overalls or our denim dresses.

By buying a French and artisanal product, you can also benefit from a repair service. If you have damaged your beautiful Atelier Tuffery French garment, our teams are there to offer you a repair in our workshop.


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