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Jeans & Linen Clothing

At Atelier TUFFERY, French linen clothing is a family story and local natural materials. It is available here in a French-made linen denim dress, linen chinos, linen shorts and skirt made in France and unisex linen denim shorts.



Our organic cotton jeans & clothes

Because ethical production is essential, at Atelier TUFFERY we offer you a line of clothing made in France in GOTS-certified organic jeans tinted with natural indigo.

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Linen clothes & jeans

Linen is eco-responsible, resistant, durable, thermoregulating and above all, pleasant to wear. In our vision of making jeans made in France of superior quality, the use of linen was obvious. France is the world leader in flax production and exports a large quantity of flax every year. In collaboration with Safilin, we are relocating the work of linen, from the production of canvas to the manufacture of jeans. From this collaboration rich in human values ​​and techniques come high-end jeans, to sublimate the silhouettes on any occasion.

Linen jeans, ecological jeans

Flax cultivation is environmentally friendly and requires almost no irrigation. The plant draws natural resources from the soil and can live without fertilizers or pesticides. It is not genetically modified and can fix CO2 instead of producing it. If linen interests our workshop, it is also because of the ecological nature of its transformation process. From fiber extraction to dyeing, linen follows natural techniques. All elements of the flax plant are usable. This allows for a zero-waste culture and biodegradable clothing in its entirety. If you are looking for a way to build an ecological and responsible wardrobe, buy your ethical jeans now. Opting for our linen jeans is choosing a garment that does not pollute by traveling around the world before being available at home. Linen jeans are a flagship product of responsible fashion, available on our online store.

The quality of linen jeans at Atelier TUFFERY

At Atelier TUFFERY, fashion protects the environment without sacrificing quality. The making of your jeans follows traditional techniques and methods, a know-how transmitted over generations. Our denim fabric used for the manufacture of jeans made in France contains the strongest linen fibers. While remaining flexible, linen fibers have a resistance up to 3 times greater than that of cotton fibers. Jeans designed with French linen fabric maintain their quality for many years without deforming or displaying unsightly lint. They are easy to maintain and moreover over the washes, the linen becomes more supple and more beautiful. Our denim jeans made in France are designed to offer a great experience during their use. The soft and silky textile provides a feeling of well-being in contact with the skin. Its natural qualities make it a pleasant textile to wear, a bit cocooning, whatever the season. Our linen jeans made in France adapt to all temperatures. In summer, the denim fabric made in France fills up with water to cool you down without causing a feeling of humidity. During cold periods, wearing one of our linen jeans will offer you comfort and warmth thanks to the fabric that traps air. Denim produced with a material like linen acts as a natural insulator and accompanies you all year round. Our linen denim garments are great alternatives to cotton or wool. They have a highly hypoallergenic and antibacterial character. If you have sensitive skin, you don't have to worry about irritation or itching when wearing Atelier TUFFERY linen jeans. Our denim fabric is very well tolerated by the skin, for men and women.

Linen jeans: elegance at your fingertips

Our innovative technique of using linen to make denim allows us to offer you resolutely elegant jeans . Cut and assembled by experts, our linen jeans made in France have a chic look to show you off for any occasion. Choose the jeans whose visual speaks for itself and demonstrates the quality of what you wear. Having trouble finding jeans in your size? Our store makes top quality jeans accessible for all sizes . If you can't find what you are looking for, contact us. Together, we will find a solution to offer you the jeans of your dreams.

Discover our range of linen jeans

Between simplicity and refinement, our denim canvas trousers sublimate the silhouette. Whether you are a man or a woman, find the cut that suits you best. With timeless minimalism, our fitted Ernest chinos elevate your masculine looks. Available up to size 60, it seduces with its depth of color and its details that do not go unnoticed. Add a t-shirt, coat and dress shoes to this understated piece for a bold look. For women, we have developed the Leonie high-waisted fitted chinos . This 100% French linen creation meets a need for functional, no-frills clothing to shine in the office or at a party. At Atelier TUFFERY, get your ultra-feminine linen denim dress at the best value for money. Discover the Paula model, a retro-inspired dress that meets modern fashion requirements. With its look of a work blouse, it leaves you completely free of your movements. You will appreciate its large practical and aesthetic pockets, a relaxed touch in harmony with this cut. This dress is also designed to play on volumes and hide small imperfections. Two wide bands allow you to tie a knot to mark the waist and enhance your silhouette. Women's linen jeans are also available as unisex shorts for everyday wear or special events. No need to think long to dress without missteps. While being comfortable, they go well with all women's and men's wardrobes. They can be associated with t-shirts, sweaters, cropped-tops, a blouse or even a simple marinière. It all works with our linen denim shorts. You just have to respect a certain color harmony to captivate the eyes wherever you go. Atelier TUFFERY manufactures denim clothing at the heart of fashion trends and perfectly adapted to all styles, from the most casual to the most sophisticated. Our clothing house uses linen to create ethical, versatile and elegant jeans . What are you waiting for to order yours?
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Jeans & Linen Clothing

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