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Organic cotton jeans & clothing

Because ethical production is essential, at Atelier Tuffery we offer you a line of clothing made in France in GOTS-certified organic jeans tinted with natural indigo. Our organic cotton jeans for women are available in the models Marianne the high-waisted slim jeans, and Marthe the high-waisted mom jeans. The Alphonse model, fitted straight jeans, rubs shoulders with the unisex André dungarees in the organic cotton jeans wardrobe for men.




Organic cotton clothes & jeans

Did you know that standard jeans can travel around the world before being available in France? French jeans in organic cotton are part of an eco-responsible approach to reduce pollution in the world of fashion. Atelier TUFFERY offers you a large collection of organic jeans to meet your ethical textile needs. From production to consumers, our jeans follow responsible manufacturing standards. Our denim pants are designed according to a know-how passed down over generations. They are designed to last, but also to enhance your looks with elegance.

Organic cotton jeans, ethical jeans

For more than a decade we have offered clothing made with high quality organic fabric. Our vision of always going further in the ethical approach pushes us to choose an exceptional fabric in organic cotton. Dyed with natural indigo, our fabric satisfies your desires for clothing that is eco-responsible, durable and aesthetic. Fitted, slim or straight cuts are enhanced by useful and stylish details. Several labels have been put in place to certify the organic nature of denim jeans. The GOTS standard (Global Organic Textile Standard) is a benchmark in this area. GOTS-certified jeans are the guarantee of a canvas designed with superior quality organic cotton.

The benefits of organic cotton jeans

French organic jeans are designed with natural fibers according to organic farming standards. No fertilizers or pesticides are used in the process of growing the plants. Whereas a pair of jeans designed with standard cotton will require fertilizer and the use of chemicals. Classic cotton fabrics will also be treated with brighteners to increase their shine. The organically grown cotton fabric is not only GMO-free, water-saving, but also bleached with natural substances. The natural indigo dyes, although made without heavy metals, give the canvas captivating colors. Organic denim then allows the manufacture of thicker, more flexible and hypoallergenic jeans. With one of the denim cuts from our responsible clothing collection, discover wearing jeans in a different way. Enjoy a more pleasant feeling to the touch and excellent durability thanks to the strength of organic cotton fibers. Buying organic cotton denim jeans is a great way to help reduce the environmental impact of clothing. It is also a way to promote quality manufacturing, while respecting workers' rights. At Atelier TUFFERY, your ethical textile is available at a price that reflects our desire to make the best quality textile accessible to everyone. Find in this category, jeans made with GOTS certified cotton, the world reference standard for organic fibers.

A wide range of organic cotton jeans

If you are one of the consumers who pay more and more attention to the contents of their wardrobe, Atelier TUFFERY offers you a beautiful collection of organic jeans. Results of several years of research, our responsible collection of denim for men and women is ideal to enrich your wardrobe and satisfy your style desires. We offer you an innovative range that sublimates denim with an exceptional organic cotton canvas. Our jeans in organic material are available in all sizes to magnify a woman's or man's silhouette. Denim pants are available here in various cuts, vintage or modern to compose sublime outfits. Find among our women's jeans, the Marianne model, organic raw jeans whose slim fit and high waist highlight your feminine curves. If you are looking for a good compromise between a casual look and a more formal cut, the Léonie organic cotton denim will seduce you with its fitted chino cut. You'll love his pleated trouser inspirations, ideal for adding a classic spirit to your looks. To add volume where you need it, especially if you're a woman of a certain build, fall for our mom jeans. Available in more than nine different sizes from 34 to 50, these jeans will be your daily ally to create looks tinged with elegance. The material of manufacture gives it a good ease at the hips, perfect to fluidify your movements and offer you real comfort. In addition, the denim skirt is reinvented at Atelier TUFFERY. Our Agathe model combines all the advantages of a versatile and sensual skirt that you can wear on any occasion. Find the one that corresponds to your size to display yourself with an exceptional skirt, tight at the buttocks and thighs. We also offer a collection of organic jeans for men, resulting from a meticulous quality process. The raw straight chinos in organic material Ernest available up to size 60 find an ideal place in an eco-responsible male wardrobe. Combined with sneakers, a t-shirt and a hat, it accompanies you in creating casual looks. With formal shoes and a beige shirt, this organic textile becomes one of the essential pants to achieve a city look. Enhance your silhouette for any occasion thanks to the universal fit of our Alphonse organic raw jeans. On a daily basis, its fitted shape adapts to everyone to enhance your look. The same is true for our Augustin semi-high waisted jeans, ideal for varying cuts. Apart from these models, find our unisex André dungarees for men and women. This timeless piece is a must for a classic yet chic look. It combines with the most basic pieces to create a modern and trendy look. Get our finest cuts of jeans made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton at competitive prices. The organic cotton jeans of your dreams are available for purchase at Atelier TUFFERY. With their strong and durable denim canvas, our organic jeans are revolutionizing the way you consume and adding a touch of elegance to your wardrobe.
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Organic cotton jeans & clothing

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