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Locale, éthique et écoresponsable, notre toile chanvre est un sergé à l’aspect chiné et fluide, intégrant 50% de chanvre issu de la culture européenne du chanvre.

If there is an emblematic piece from Atelier Tuffery, it is this denim jacket, faithful to the original garment created by Alphonse Tuffery and so redolent of the 1970s. Representative of its time and yet perfectly modern, this Tuff’s jacket has a broader and relatively short cut. With a nod to the iconic Perfecto jacket, this legendary piece, incorporating European hemp, is a natural component of a timeless and stylish personal wardrobe that respects the environment.


Colour : Lightly heathered marine blue

Fabric : Twill (15,5 Oz) Origin France

Composition : 50% Hemp Origin Europe – 50% cotton

Buttons : Recycled copper – Origin Italy

Fly : Buttons

Thread : Origin Europe

Manufacture : Made in France

Originel / Artisan / Tailleur

The expert range seeks perfection in denim, creating clothes with the most beautiful fabrics such as silk, wool and artisanal selvedge, naturally tinted, for unique pieces.


Discover the hemp
denim jacket "Le Tuff's"
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Atelier Tuffery co-director Myriam Tuffery shares her maintenance tips.

“Hemp is a traditional plant in our area that has a genuine positive ecological impact. Its naturally flecked and plant-based aesthetic give it an inimitable look and incredible comfort. It is not scratchy and the few strands that protrude from the fabric at first will naturally disappear over time to soften the contact of the fabric with the skin. And it’s a fibre that naturally dries quickly in the open air.”



Célestin Tuffery was already concerned with keeping things local 125 years ago. By choosing fabric from Nîmes near the Cévennes, he created denim jeans and at the same time underlined Atelier Tuffery’s continuing desire to work with historical and eco-friendly supply chains. Silk production, the reintroduction of hemp, wool from the Causses, vegetable tanning and Aveyron leather are all choices that have been taken to boost the company’s everyday commitment to local and ethical history.

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  • by Cyril A. Depuis les avis Google
    Nous avons découvert ces jeans Made in France il y a 4 ans lors de nos vacances dans les Cévennes. Nous avions tous été séduits par ce savoir-faire artisanal et la qualité de leurs produits Formidable. Chacun son jean qui n’a d’ailleurs presque pas bougé.


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