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atelier tuffery collaboration saint james logoSAINT JAMES x Atelier TUFFERY

This exclusive collection honours Merino sheep’s wool from Arles, used for sweaters and jeans, with the same wool mixed with local hemp for the creation of a unique French denim fabric used for pea coats and jackets.

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PATRIMOINE is THE genuine sailor’s sweater to protect yourself from bad weather and everyday urban life. It uses a soft and supple weave with ultra-resistant wool. You can recognise it by the SAINT JAMES logo on the left arm, created using a leather patch to reflect the quality of the garment. Woven entirely in 100% Merino wool, elbow patches in hemp offer a colourful alternative between grey and blue, reminiscent of the Normandy seabed. 4 essential buttons complete the structuring of the shape on the left shoulder.


Colour: Dark blue

Fit: Fitted

Composition: 100% Arles Merino wool (French fabric)

Elbow yoke: 65% indigo hemp (dyed in France), 35% naturally brown Merino twill

Buttons: 4 shank buttons with logo and leather jacron

Manufacture: Made in France

Range: Tailleur

The expert range seeks perfection in denim, creating clothes with the most beautiful fabrics such as silk, wool and artisanal selvedge, naturally tinted, for unique pieces.

The collaboration

Each of the companies has enjoyed more than 130 years of French manufacturing, with strong local links and a history of creating clothes for the courageous workers of the past. With so much in common, it now seems obvious that the two companies should join forces for an ambitious project.

One company originates in Normandy and the other in the Cévennes, so both SAINT JAMES and Atelier TUFFERY have strong links to French terroirs full of character. Today, they are finally united for the creation of a unique and innovative collection.

SAINT JAMES x Atelier TUFFERY is a new collaboration at the crossroads of the land and sea. From their shared values came the desire to create a unique local and eco-friendly fabric, mixing hemp and Merino sheep’s wool from Arles. It’s a 100% local jean fabric entirely woven in France.

It’s a unique collection, comprising seven timeless pieces for both women and men, inspired by the historical expertise of the two companies but thoroughly forward-looking.

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  • by Cyril A. Depuis les avis Google
    Nous avons découvert ces jeans Made in France il y a 4 ans lors de nos vacances dans les Cévennes. Nous avions tous été séduits par ce savoir-faire artisanal et la qualité de leurs produits Formidable. Chacun son jean qui n’a d’ailleurs presque pas bougé.


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