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A label awarded by the French State recognising excellence in French companies with exceptional artisanal and industrial know-how, whose heritage is aimed very much towards the future. It was issued to us in 2017 by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

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Marthe est la coupe inspirée des pantalons de la fin des années 80 d’Atelier TUFFERY. Avec sa taille haute, elle laisse une réelle aisance aux hanches et donne une allure vintage, le parfait jean mom.

Always authentic, now searching for timelessness, this collection capitalises on a 100% cotton twill with a natural white colouring. These jeans are a wardrobe staple as white denim can be worn on many occasions and in a variety of styles.


Colour : Natural white

Fit : Straight

Waist : High

Fabric : Unbleached twill (10oz) – Origin: Italy

Composition : 100% cotton

Buttons : Recycled copper – Origin Italy

Fly : Zip – Origin Spain

Thread : Origin Europe

Manufacture : Made in France

Originel / Artisan / Tailleur

The innovative range identifies new materials and fabrics, enhancing denim still further with the use of organic cotton or other local plant fibres from artisanal producers.


Since 1892

handed down
from generation
to generation.

between the team
and our French

Top quality
finishing touches.

made by hand
in France.


Discover the jean
Marthe White
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Atelier Tuffery co-director
Myriam Tuffery shares
her maintenance tips.

“It’s similar to the pioneering Célestin Tuffery, who quickly adopted the fabric from Nîmes for the advantage it offered workers; the exterior side in indigo blue which doesn’t get grubby and the interior ecru in colour against the skin. The master tailors of the 4th generation have hijacked this clever aspect of denim, retaining an authentic twill which offers jeans that are naturally light in colour. Through their look and originality, these jeans will complete your wardrobe. The gentle natural colour of the warp cotton is enhanced by the light blue indigo of the weft threads, and through the turn-ups the blue of the weft appears.”



Some 125 years ago, Célestin Tuffery’s huge scissors first cut fabric from Nîmes, giving birth to denim jeans. The ingenuity of the Nîmes fabric lay in its warp and weft weave, which effectively gave it an indigo blue exterior and an undyed, unbleached interior. Economical because only half of the threads needed to be dyed, these worker’s trousers did not get grubby easily and became the ideal jeans for everyday life, needing little maintenance. A century and a half later, the famous authentic Nîmes fabric is still around but it has been reinvented by Atelier Tuffery, with the warp and weft reversed.

Marthe, Audacieuse et mutine

“Some of our pieces have a first name, directly inspired by one of the characters who have marked the history of the Tuffery family.

These are the lives of people who gave birth to our clothes, such as Marthe.”


Audacious and mischievous Marthe, Désiré’s wife, rethinks the workwear, adapting jeans to everyday wear.

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    Une belle histoire, du savoir faire, du savoir être et du savoir vivre.
    Un beau projet avec de vraies valeurs et une passion qui se ressent à chaque parole.
    Bravo et merci

Marie S.

“An exceptional welcome which allows you to discover the passion of 4 generations. Marketing that must be encouraged to promote French know-how around the world. If you cannot get to Florac, do not hesitate to order online. With the size guide you will be able to choose without problems and if, by any chance, you are not satisfied you can return your purchase to exchange… A big congratulations to the Tuffery Family I am a big fan!”


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The Atelier Tuffery + : Because each of our pieces is unique, each pair of trousers is delivered with the name of the master tailor who made it, as well as a small reel of thread to enable you to hem your jeans to your measurements.